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Happily married, with one cat (Max) and a goldfish (Next), living in the fog belt of San Francisco.

Travelers - when the world lets us be.

Kim paints, Gordon takes photos and maintains this site. Each has their own sub site which contains their own stuff - go to Kim to see new paintings for example

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John and Carol have been on the web way longer than we have

Food Links

If you ever find yourself in the Chesterfield or Sheffield area - and why wouldn't you be - Nick's is the best food you'll ever put in your mouth. Great place to stay, eat and if you have a special occasion the "Table" is the only way to go.

Ashland, OR has several good places to eat of note. Amuse, nice “dinner” place, single page menu and local produce. For a drink chat and snack we love  Liquid Assets,  the only wine bar in Ashland and very comfortable. Add another to the list - Cucina Biazzi - a fantastic italian on E. Main in a beautiful house - unique and very, very good.

Mendocino - we seem to go there regularly and have found a couple of new favorites. On the drive up, we now go coast rather than Cloverdale and found, in Gualalalalalalalala,  Trinks. Great coffee, sandwiches and Oh My Goodness, the PIE!!! Then, in the Little River area, there is The Stevenswood Spa Resort where the restaurant and staff are simply amazing - with an very reasonable but excellent wine list.